The recently restored narrowest house of the city, could only be admired from the outside for decades, today it will whisper stories that can be listened to within the romantic walls of its centuries-old patio.


Casa Minima, the narrowest house in BA, which was a part of a larger house, has retained its original materials from the early XIX century. The small house, with its display of clay walls and two hundred-year-old plaster, beckons us to visit this corner. Here the ghosts of early traditions of Buenos Aires intermingle with the myth of the emancipated slave.

    • Cocktail: 200, Banquet: 100, Auditorium: 100.

    • Kitchen (convection and regular ovens).
    • Cloakroom.
    • Restrooms with handicap facilities.

Technical Service Module
    • Air conditioning.
    • Surround sound.
    • Full Lightning System (perimeter, special efects, pins, halospots).
    • Zanjon design furniture.

    • Security.
    • Emergency medical assistance.
    • Maintenance coordination.
    • Cleaning management.